The third of the Harmonization Meetings was held in Izmir. Many foreign students attended the meeting held on 21 December in İzmir, the third stop after Antalya and Alanya. In the meeting where the information on the rights and obligations of foreign university students in Turkey was provided, the issues about the contribution to the harmonization process of foreign students as well as the acts and procedures regarding their residence permits within the scope of the legislationwere dealt. 
Making the opening speech, Mr. Hakan ARIER, ICMPD National Project Officer, stated that in these meetings, we should not work only in one way but make improvements by paying attention to the feedbacks received from the students.
Mr. Hüseyin HAVUZ, Director of İzmir Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, one of the hosts of the meeting, stated that “We aim to adapt the foreign students coming from various countries to the culture of our country such as residence permit or bureaucratic procedures. We are aiming you to convey your suggestions regarding the residence permits, because this meeting is a meeting to get something from you as well. You are the ones who are living here and know the procedures regarding being a student, residence permit, other procedures and problems in the country; as for the solution, it is our duty. Here, we will try to listen to the problems and solve them."
As for Mr. Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, Head of Harmonization and Communication Department, he stated in his opening speech that: “We as the Directorate General of Migration Management carry the ball in the adaptation of higher education students to the Turkish society as well as carrying out their administrative affairs. International student mobility, which shows a significant increase in the direction of the developments in our country, makes great contributions to both the students' own countries and the country that hosts them in terms of quality, social, cultural, economic and political contributions. As for Mr. Gökçe OK, Deputy Director of Migration Management, he expressed that: 
“For us, every migration is a human, and every migration involves a story in it. The Directorate General of Migration Management provides services for you within the framework of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. You have come to a big country, Turkey. Please try to learn the ancient and great history of this country as long as you study in this great country. Try to learn what the Turks have brought in world peace and civilization.
In the meeting; Mr. Prof. Dr. Kamil İŞERİ, Director of Dokuz Eylül University Language Training and Research Center (DEDAM), made a presentation on “Harmonization Process of Foreign Students”; Mr. Kenan DOĞAN, Lecturer in Ege University Institute of Turkish World Studies (TÖMER), made a presentation on “How Can International Students spend their time in Turkey efficiently and beneficially?” and Mrs. Doc.Dr. Huriye TOKER from Yaşar University, Faculty of Communication, made a presentation on “Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication”. 
The meeting which was held in cooperation with Izmir Provincial Directorate of Migration Management and International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) under the coordination of our Directorate General ended after the question and answer session.