Istanbul Eurasia Marathon, which has been held every year continuously since 1979 and has been featured as the first race to be held intercontinentally, was held by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Sport İstanbul under the name sponsorship of Vodafone on Sunday, 12 November with the theme "We are running for the future of our children".

In Turkey, which is the country that hosts the most asylum seekers and foreigners in the world as the result of the duties that our history and beliefs have placed on us; of being a society of conscience; and of the legacy that our ancient civilization has left to us; we, as the Directorate General of Migration Management, took part in Fun Run with the slogan of “Run for Migrants” with the group of 60 people including the migrants living in our country with different status, in order to attract attention to the phenomenon of migration, emphasise the diversity of migration and raise awareness.

In the team of Fun Run; Mr. Abdullah AYAZ, Alternate Director General of Migration Management; Mr. Gökçe OK, Deputy Director General; Mr. Önder BAKAN, Head of Department; Mr. Harun BAŞIBÜYÜK, Head of Department; Mr. Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, Head of Department; staff of the DGMM and foreigners took part. In the marathon where the phenomenon of migration was highlighted with the posters in different languages; many names, especially Mrs. Fatma Betül SAYAN, Minister of Family and Social Policy, walked shoulder to shoulder.

MUYU, our cartoon character -which was created with the aim of building bridges so that immigrant children can adapt to Turkey and children in Turkey can adapt to immigrant children at the same time; both cultures can recognize each other; and children can live together in harmony and can empathize- also ran in the Marathon and many photos of MUYU with children were taken.