The first meeting of the Harmonization Meetings was held, where foreigners were informed about their rights and obligations.

  The opening speech of the meeting held in Antalya on 19 November 2018 was made by Mr.Dr. Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, Head of Harmonization and Communication Department; Ms. Gözde ÖZKORUL, Antalya Provincial Director of Migration Management; Mr.Dr. Hakkı Onur ARINER,  ICMPD National Project Manager.

    In his speech, Mr. Dr. Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, Head of Harmonization and Communication Department, said: “We, as the Directorate General of Migration Management, not only issue legal documents, but also carry out studies on the assurance of harmonization of the host society and foreigners. While our Directorate General, the responsible institution for the mutual harmonization of the host society and the foreigners in our country, works with other institutions to improve the services offered to foreigners, now we are answering the foreigners’ questions and solve their problems by establishing face-to-face communication under the name of Harmonization Meetings. In this context, Harmonization Meetings, the first of which started in Antalya will complete its first phase with next meetings that will take place in the provinces of Aydın, Izmir, Ankara, Gaziantep, Bursa, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Isparta, Denizli, Adana, Mersin, Istanbul, Manisa, Muğla, Edirne and Çanakkale. 
Stating that the aim of Harmonization Meetings is to support the harmonization process, observe the current situation in the field and ensure that regular migrants, international protection status holders and applicants, the ones who are under temporary protection in our country come together with the various sections of the Turkish community, Mr. Dr. Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, at the end of his speech, expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders for their support by wishing the Harmonization Meetings to be fruitful for all participants.
Ms. Gözde ÖZKORUL, Provincial Director of Migration Management, expressed: “We, as the Antalya Governorate, provide you with on-site service together with the district migration group presidencies that were opened in the districts of Alanya, Manavgat and Kemer affiliated to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management and carry out only acts and operations regarding the residence. In our beautiful Antalya, more than 80 thousand foreigners from more than 150 nationalities have already been residing. Considering the numbers, Antalya is the second province with the highest number of settled foreigners after Istanbul. Continuing her speech, Ms. ÖZKORUL said: “As the Provincial Directorate, we try to provide faster and more efficient service by increasing our capacity and number of operations day by day. We are also going to hold the second of the Harmonization Meetings in Alanya tomorrow, the first of which we have organized in Antalya today with more than 300 participants. The questions and problems that will be addressed by the settled foreigners, especially by the representatives of consulates and non-governmental organizations that accepted our invitation will guide us.
  During the meeting, foreigners were informed about frequently asked subjects such as residence processes, working conditions, acquisition of citizenship and acquisition of real estate.
  The second of the Harmonization Meetings will be held in Alanya.