The meeting of  “Corporate Culture and Increasing the Management Capacity” organized by the Education Department of our Directorate General was held in Kızılcahamam on 3-4 December 2018 with the participation of Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, Minister of Interior. 
In the meeting; Mr. İsmail ÇATAKLI, Deputy Minister of Interior; Mr. Abdullah AYAZ, Director General of Migration Management; Department Heads of our Directorate General; Provincial Directors of 81 Provinces; Directors of Removal Centres and Temporary Accommodation Centres participated. 
In the meeting event beginning with the opening speeches of Mr. Abdullah AYAZ, our Director General and Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, our Minister; Mr. SOYLU stressed that one of the matters on which they worked intensely within the Ministry of Interior was migration. Mr. SOYLU addressed to the provincial directors: “The persons who face directly with this shame of the world and Turkey's honourable stance on this issue, witness directly the thousands of stories on this issue are absolutely you.” The programme continued with the special session themed “Current Developments in Effective Migration Management and Treatment towards Foreigners”.
On the first day of the meeting; a presentation on “International Protection, Temporary Protection” made by Mr. Harun BAŞIBÜYÜK, Head of International Protection Department; a presentation on “Regular Migration” made by Mrs. Gülbahar EL-NASHARTY, Head of Foreigners Department; a presentation on “Irregular Migration” made by Mr. Abdülaziz AYDIN, Head of Support Services Department, and Mr. Ramazan SEÇİLMİŞ, Head of Combating Irregular Migration; a presentation on “Treatment towards Foreigners, YIMER, CIMER” made by Mr. Recep İNCE, Head of Personnel Department; a presentation on “GöçNet” made by Mr. İsmail AYDOĞAN, Head of Information Technologies Department; and finally a presentation on “Harmonization and Corporate Communication” made by Mr. Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, Head of Harmonization and Communications Department, were delivered to the participants. 
The second day of the program which was held on 4 December 2018 started with the presentation on “Protocol Management and Training” made by Mr. Dr. Gökçe OK, Deputy Director General of Migration Management. The programme continuing with a presentation on “Bureaucracy and Governance in New Turkey” made by Mr. Prof. Dr. Onur Ender ASLAN from Ankara Social Sciences University; a presentation on “Ethic in Public” made by Mr. Prof. Dr. Hamza ATEŞ from Medeniyet University and a presentation on “Mobbing at Workplace” made by Mrs. Dr. Hicran ATATANIR, Head of Anti-Discrimination and Equality Department of Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey, ended with a presentation on “Ethnocentrism, Discrimination and Multiculturalism” made by Mr. Doc. Dr. Bünyamin BEZCİ from Sakarya University and with the closing speech of Mr. Dr. Gökçe OK, Deputy Director General of Migration Management.