Our Directorate General, which is the institution responsible for the mutual harmony of the foreigners and the host community in our country, organizes “Harmonization Meetings” in this regard. 
The second Harmonization Meeting, the first of which was organized in Antalya, took place in the district of Alanya with the participation of more than 200 foreigners.

Making the opening speech, Ms. Gözde ÖZKORUL, Antalya Provincial Director of Migration Management said: “Today, Alanya is the second district of our city which hosts most foreigners with almost 20.000 foreigners. We continue to provide the fastest and most efficient service by increasing the number of daily operations and the capacity of our Alanya district migration group department. We would like to state that today in Alanya, we are pleased to see the same crowd and interest as we did in Antalya yesterday and provided information to more than 300 people.
Speaking at the event, Mr.Dr.Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, Head of Harmonization and Communication Department, stated that Directorate General of Migration Management conducts various works to enable foreigners to have access to rights and services, have knowledge about Turkey's culture and Turkish language and make the harmonization processes easier. 
Mr.Dr.Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, Head of Harmonization and Communication Department, said: "We are conducting coordination meetings at all levels with all institutions and organizations to provide better service to the foreigners. While conducting coordination meetings, we also try to solve your problems and fulfill your demands by contacting you. In this context, while we convey the right information to you with our Mobile application (Migration Management), Foreigners Communication Center, central and social media accounts, we also answer your questions face to face through the Harmonization Meetings.”
With the Harmonization Meetings, the second of which was organized in Alanya, we will continue to meet people living with different status all over Turkey and be solution to their problems.