Anatolia which has hosted countless civilizations throughout history, is now home to foreigners from 191 different countries with the richness that the cultures having migrated to this country’s land has brought. As a result of socio-economic development in recent years, many foreigners have been living in our country with the residence permit for a variety of purposes such as education and business establishment as well as touristic purposes. Turkey mixed with compassion culture, has embraced not only those who have come with the residence permits bu also many foreigners who seek international protection since they cannot benefit from the protection of their own state.

Anatolian people, who have gained fame throughout the world with their hospitality and tolerance, are fed from this richness and grand heritage they take from their civilization. We therefore attach importance to the fact that our migrants are remembered once again on 18 December International Migrants Day, and the awareness on this issue increases. On this event, we wanted everybody to know that migration is a phenomenon enriching the societies.

We, the Ministry of Interior, Directorate General of Migration Management offering services to all migrants in Turkey, stand on all migrants on 18 December as we always do. We held the 18th International Migrants Day Organization with the view that it is an opportunity to support the mutual harmony of the migrants and the society and to reinforce the law of brotherhood.

We hosted about 2200 foreign guests from 97 countries such as South Africa, Norway, Canada, South Korea, Russia and Ethiopia. We also hosted 240 Meskhetian Turks together with many guests from the Turkish Republics.

8 municipalities, 9 public institutions, 17 provincial governorships and 5 non-governmental organizations took part in the stand area where 40 different institutions and organizations were located. In the activity areas, performances reflecting our colorism such as choir concerts, short films, sand art show, documentaries, Quran recital, dance shows, poetry performances, music performances, folk dances and theatre were delivered during the day.

Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior shared his thoughts on 18 December International Migrants Day.